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About Teriora Group

Teriora Group is group of companies in different fields of activity. Group made its first investment and production in the field of industrial advertising in the early 80s. Since then, it continues to produce brand experience components for many national and global brands. The activities of the group in the field of industrial advertising still continue under the Dsign brand, and production is carried out to meet high-level standards for many well-known brands.

Over the years, investments have been made in the fields of construction, furniture production and architectural decoration according to the demands of customers and brands. Renove A.Ş. was established on the construction side, and Dmonte A.Ş. was established in the field of furniture and architectural decoration. With the contribution of the two new members of the group, the production capabilities have increased to the highest level. These companies came together on a project basis and gained the ability to realize a turnkey project from a to z for customers. In addition, Renove and Dmonte continues to produce independently for the projects of many prestigious brands or companies.

Technological and innovative investments made over time, R&D, P&D, material knowledge and know-how capabilities combined with production experience gave the group the ability to produce its own products in different fields. Group reflected these capabilities in motor vehicle production under the Nanok brand and for furniture products under the Pratti brand. Both new companies have completed the prototype products and continues their optimization studies to make the products suitable for mass production.

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